Boutique Hotel Breakfast

Enjoy your breakfast in a sanctuary of artistry and comfort, decorated with captivating contemporary artworks. The smell of freshly brewed coffee mingles with the scent of baked goods, promising a culinary journey of local flavors. Each bite of homemade delicacies ignites a symphony of taste, while time slows, fostering moments of connection and reflection.

Our breakfast

Coffee, tea, milk
Natural Orange juice
Peach & Apple Juice
Flavoured water, still water
Assorted sliced seasonal fruit
Pumpkin & red fruits
Jam, Butter, Honey
Ham (pork & turkey)
Cheese (fresh & ripened)
Cereals (corn flakes & muesli)
Yoghurt (with flavours &greek)
Cake home made
Traditional Portuguese “pastel denata”
Fresh bread (2 varieties)
“Croissants” (brioche type or french type)

Start your day right!

Book your breakfast at our hotel when making your reservation.

from 9am to 11am


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